Spam - Test Page

Why Am I Here?

You are most likely here because your email was blocked or bounced back from our email servers. UXB Internet supplies web hosting and email services for ourselves and our clients domains and websites. You may have received a bounced email with an error message that says:

"501 - Sender refused by the DNSBL Spam source Rejected by policy"

The continued and relentless abuse by unscrupulous marketers is generating so much unwanted email that UXB Internet has had to employ numerous email block lists and other methods to prevent the spam from getting to our clients inboxes.

We employ several national DNS based block-lists as well as our own private listing of known spam servers that have sent email to our spam trap email addresses. The form to the right will allow you to check to see which block list is preventing your email from reaching us. Enter the IP number of the email server, or your email address or domain you used to send us email. If you do not know the IP number of your email server refer this page to your Systems Administrator or ISP.

Test Your Mail Server

Enter your Email address or Email Domain (portion after the @ sign ( or the IP number of your sending Email server.